Regional and organic suppliers

Regional products from sustainable production

The focus of our kitchen is the careful selection of products, Most important are the quality and the origin of the food we use for our dishes.
The identification with our region and their special culinary circumstances are very important to us. We use high-quality raw materials and try as much as possible to produce in our own company.
The Goût Mieux label obliges us to use a majority of products from regional or organically  production for the meals on our menu . Currently, the following items in “Goût Mieux” -quality be used:
Beef – BEOBeef of H & R in Interlaken
Bödeli Bratwurst – Butcher Blue Cow in Interlaken
Venison, pork – butchery Seiler in Interlaken
Trout fillet – Grabennmühle in Sigriswil
Goat cheese – Dairy Diemitgtal
Cheese – Dairy Meiringen and div Regional producers.
Yogurt – Dairy Meiringen
Eggs – BEO eggs of H & R
Flour – Burgmühle in Oey Diemtigen
Potatoes / vegetables – Biopartner or Gourmandor if possible in organic quality
Mushrooms – Alpine BIO Fungiculture AG in Niederstocken
Bread – made in Jungfrau Hotel
Tea – Swiss Alpine Herbs

Great products – supplier?

We are always looking for regional or organically produced food. You have a great, quality product or good contacts? We are interested. Please let us know your knowledge personally, by phone or via email. We are pleased to support regional partners and small businesses, so we can increase together the added value in the region!